The Top 10 Brain Training Apps

Posted By on October 25, 2015

Brain fitness is a necessity to tackle the ever-changing dynamics of everyday life, and now it’s readily available on mobile making brain training easier.

1. Lumosity(Android, iOS)
Lumosity targets attention span, problem-solving, thinking flexibility and also the brain’s processing speed enabling the brain to adapt to new situations. Lumosity has a free version and a $11 a month paid version.

2. Elevate (Android, iOS)
Elevate improves cognitive skills while targeting math, speaking, memory and focus skills. Elevate has detailed performance tracking and adaptive difficulty progression making sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts. The paid version costs $5 dollars/month.

3. Peak (Android, iOS)
The app comes with a smooth user interface and focuses on language, memory, mental agility and problem solving. With Peak, you can set your unique training goals that adapt to your performance and become increasingly difficult over time. The premium package costs $4.99 a month.

4. Fit Brains (Android, iOS)
Fit Brains helps improve your mental performance by taking you through brain games selected to improve your weaker areas and it feels more like a video games, keeping you motivated and on track. Fit Brains is pricier at $19.95 a month.

5. BrainHQ
If you’re the kind of person that struggles to remember names, check out this app. BrainHQ improves your reaction times, helps with processing visual scenes and matching names to faces, at $14 a month

6. CogniFit Brain Fitness (iOS)
Designed by neuroscientists, it improves brain health by using a series of sleek, addictive games. One of the uniquely neat features is the option of challenging your mobile contacts to your scores. CogniFit helps you keep track of your progress and overall brain health. Cognifit costs $13 a month.

7. Eidetic (iOS)
Eidetic focuses entirely on memory by making use of a technique known as spaced repetition. Spaced repetition helps with memorizing things such as names, lists, quotes and phone numbers. It uses flash cards to aid the memorizing. Users have an option of setting difficulty and intensity of the training.

8. Happify (iOS)
Happify puts an emphasis on building the user’s emotional intelligence by making use of a series of quizzes, meditations, and minigames. Happify targets improving happiness skills. These range from empathy, serenity, giving and thankfulness.

9. Pacifica (Android, iOS).
Pacifica helps with getting rid of stress, coping with anxiety and, doing away with negativity.It has daily meditations and thought analysis tasks.

10. ReliefLink (iOS)
The app was primarily a suicide prevention app. It has evolved and now helps with mindfulness training, relaxation techniques and builds on EQ.

These apps have their unique features, but all have one similarity. They help you build your brain functionality.