The Most Innovative Trends in Business Software for 2016

Posted By on December 26, 2015

Every business professional is wondering what’s in store for them in 2016. The following innovative trends in business software are upgrades that practically every professional can look forward to.

Mobile Beacons

Businesses with a local audience and brick-and-mortar locations will turn to location marketing via mobile beacons. Facebook has already begun to introduce the Bluetooth beacon that allows businesses to send promotional messages to fans when they’re nearby. This is a way to increase customer service while finding a new way to market a business.

Smoother Videoconferencing

According to PC Mag, videoconferencing is currently experiencing a major overhaul that is only going to get better in 2016. Plug-and-play videoconferencing solutions are fixing the audio and video problems of traditional videoconferencing programs. Usability issues and poor quality have been an ongoing problem when it comes to videoconferencing. Since virtual meetings are replacing in-person meetings, plug-and-play solutions will only become smarter, smoother and more affordable.

Cybersecurity Advancements

According to Business News Daily, in 2016, even more businesses will be switching over to cloud-based software. While this streamlines processes and prevents downtime during service updates, it also means that business’ will be more at risk for cyber attacks. Business owners can expect to see big changes made to cybersecurity software in 2016.

Accelerated Mobile

In 2015, the big trend was to ensure that a business’ website was optimized for mobile viewing. That way, Google would rank the site in mobile searches. In 2016, the new mobile trend will be to make sure your company has what Google calls Accelerated Mobile Pages. This means that the mobile pages will have faster load times than before.

Web Real-Time Communication

Internet communication is only getting better and in 2016, we’ll see web real-time communication solutions. That means that video calling and voice calling will be embedded in the browser itself. With WebRTC, web applications will be able to handle direct calls, data sharing and video chat without any additional mobile or desktop applications needed. You won’t need browser plug-ins or add-ons, either. In 2014 and 2015, the biggest browsers out there, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, announced that they would support WebRTC.

Private Cloud Hosting

Business owners agree that the cloud is great and that it’s much more convenient than the traditional on-site software of the past, but some executives still feel frustrated with cloud technology. As a result, a lot of businesses will want to have more control over their cloud hosting in 2016, opting to move to private or hybrid cloud solutions. Instead of sharing the cloud with other organizations, some companies will only use their private cloud for their own data.

New Domain Extensions

Instead of the standard dot com, businesses will be able to customize their domain names with new extensions, like their professional (.writer) or their location (.nyc). This will help differentiate local businesses and companies that have similar names to each other regardless of being in a separate industry. It’s also a way to add more business information into the domain name.