The Importance of Antenna Alignment Tools for Everyday Life

Posted By on October 20, 2015

In today’s high-tech world, more activities rely on the presence of cell phone towers to make them happen. However, when it comes to installing the towers, much attention must be paid to how the antennas are installed. If the antennas are not properly installed and aligned, equipment will not function properly. Not only can this affect cell phone service for personal calls, but can also have an impact on emergency communications as well as business communications. To ensure antenna alignment is done properly, specialized tools are now available to assist in the installation and alignment.

Considered to be highly accurate, today’s antenna alignment tools are used during equipment installation to analyze such factors as algorithms, tilt, and roll. In addition, they can also indicate the height above the ground for the installer and are very user-friendly. Designed to be used easily in awkward locations, they are made to allow a single installer to take and record readings in seconds. One of the biggest benefits of these tools is their ability to instantly create permanent records of various alignments, which can help with regards to accountability and traceability.

Another benefit of antenna alignment tools is giving management personnel in remote locations the chance to upload information and analyze the data prior to having personnel climb the tower. This results in much better safety practices, since the installer will no longer be responsible for interpreting data while climbing the tower. Once the climber is in position on the tower, the alignment tool is then placed on the structure to be aimed and secured with mounting brackets. When all arrows on the tool’s display are aligned, the results are captured and can be instantly downloaded for immediate analysis. Data such as latitude/longitude, tilt, height, azimuth, and current date and time are recorded by the alignment tool, making the installation process much more efficient. By doing so, the information can be downloaded and analyzed not only by management, but by quality control departments and even contracting companies. This can be important if any questions pertaining to the installation are raised, since the data used to complete the installation process will have been saved.

Offering full-proof accountability of all installations, antenna alignment tools play a significant role in today’s installations of cell phone towers and other high-tech devices. These tools, which¬†have made the installation process much safer and more accurate. Additional information about antenna alignment tools . As the technology for antenna alignment becomes even more advanced, these and other tools used by installers will be able to make the process even more accurate than it is today.