Certifying the Science Behind Iron works Technology

Posted By on September 26, 2015

Technology is constantly changing. It evolves into more efficient, user-friendly devices that satisfies customer desires. Vulcan Iron Works is a technology company that supplies bulk chemical feed systems and builds reliable, performance driven state-of-the-art industrial processing equipment. Our company brand is certified with values that are centered on our customers. Values of integrity, safety culture, quality actions, organizational learning, reward performance and investment in each business relationship.

We work hard to add value to customer operations. Smart growth techniques are utilized to capture and capitalize on our company potential. Vulcan Iron Works is comprised of an experienced team of professionals whose combined expertise in rotary processing equipment totals 1,500 years. Our parts are designed to exceed OEM standards.

Company partnerships are with businesses that document raw material supplies as well as demonstrate financial stability. Securing measurable results from our areas of preventive maintenance, equipment replacement and repair, and a catastrophic equipment failure that can cripple corporations. Vulcan Iron Works sells new, reconditioned and custom designed dryers, kiln/coolers, ball mills, burners, heaters, hydrators, lime staking, calciners, agglomerators, crystalizers and so much more.

Our company workers are skilled in replacing burners, sealing systems, support rollers and support bases, tires, drive systems, thrust roller systems, and flighting systems. To learn more about Iron Works Technology visit the Vulcan Iron Works website.

The certification of Vulcan Iron Works can be found in its name. Several iron work foundries adopted the name during the Industrial Revolution in England and the United States. During one point in time, Victorian era iron mills shared the same name, with the same meaning. The name Vulcan represented the Roman god of fire and smithery. In 1874, a Vulcan Iron Works manufactured castings for motor cars. In 1884, the Iron Works company melted 20 tons of metal per day. It also operated a brass moulding shop, a sand mill and a machine that grinded coal to dust. The Vulcan Iron Works based in Pennsylvania, manufactured steam and diesel railroad locomotives. In the 1920s, Vulcan produced the first internal combustion locomotive. The company produced 54 diesel-electric switcher units weighing 25 tons each switch. The next wave of locomotives that were built were gasoline powered locomotives with mechanical drives. In 1850, during the California gold rush, Vulcan Iron Works factory built boilers, sawmills, mining machinery, steam engines and primitive steam locomotives. Although it was destroyed by the San Francisco earthquake, the company continued is steel fabrication operations following the earthquake. To learn more about this type of company read the Wikipedia article titled Vulcan Iron Works.

Today, the Vulcan Iron Works company continues with a new focus and brand that exceeds cast iron to produce durable and safe rotary processing equipment.