Best Places to Advertise a New Business with Flyers

Posted By on September 22, 2015

If you have a new business, flyers can serve as an excellent way to get the word out about your company. For many years, flyers have been used successfully to attract new business. However, you have to know where to place them. If you don’t put them in the right places, nobody will ever see them.

One of the reasons why business flyers are very popular is because they’re quite inexpensive. When compared with the cost of renting a billboard, they’re significantly cheaper. To reach a targeted audience, strategic placement is very important.

Local Businesses and Schools

If you’ve just started a new business and want to promote it, you can hang flyers in local businesses and schools. According to several prominent printing companies, these are some of the best places you can hang flyers. However, before you hang the flyers, it’s important to call and ask for permission.

Many businesses and schools have restrictions on what you can advertise. If you’re looking to mass-distribute your flyers to a large audience, these locations can work very well. You can hang flyers in local schools to target parents and children.

For example, imagine you’re promoting a local ice cream shop during the summer. Hanging flyers in local schools and businesses can be an excellent way to gain exposure in your local community. It can also help to build buzz about your business through word of mouth.

Local Publications and Newspapers

For a minimal cost, you should be able to distribute your flyers with shopping presses and community newspapers. By utilizing these established distribution platforms, your flyers have the potential to be sent off to a large audience.

When compared to investing your own time or paying employees to distribute flyers, community newspapers and publications can be much more affordable.

If you manage to get a few smaller newspapers on board, you can almost guarantee your flyers will end up with a decent portion of the local market. In fact, these forms of distribution are especially effective for new businesses.


Can you guess what people do while they’re waiting for their laundry to finish? Most people need something to read. They will spend their time looking for something to read while they wait for their clothes to finish.

Local Laundromats are great places to hang flyers for your new business. It’s actually quite common for Laundromats to have bulletin boards, so it’s almost like they’re inviting you to advertise with them.

You might be surprised to learn that a number of Laundromats will allow you to hang flyers for free. Community boards are also great places to hang your flyers. You might also consider light poles. These are some of the best places to advertise a new business with flyers.