7 Important Reasons to Hire a Defense Attorney Before Court

Posted By on January 28, 2016

Anyone who has been charged with a crime is likely to be confused and frustrated by the legal system. Defending yourself in court is never as simple as saying you are not guilty. There are legal hurdles that must be overcome on many fronts. This is why you need a lawyer. Here are seven important reasons to hire a defense attorney before court.

No Representation Reduces Your Chance of Escaping a Conviction

Criminal trials are long and complicated. If you do not know what is going on or the law, then the prosecutor is likely to destroy your defense, use arcane motions against you and eventually win a conviction. You need to hire a defense attorney because that is your best chance of escaping a conviction. It will also help you to avoid contempt or other charges that might come because you do not understand how courtrooms or trials work.

Build a Compelling Defense

You need to have a salient and factual defense that is based on the law when facing criminal charges. You cannot do this alone without years of legal training. An attorney is going to help you build a compelling defense that makes sense to the court, the jury and even the prosecutor. This will greatly increase the chance that you will not be convicted.

Gain Access to Resources

Hiring a defense attorney means that you will gain access to new resources through the lawyer or the law firm. Those resources can help your defense by providing experts to testify, computer recreations to show the jury or research to back up your claims. Those extra resources from the lawyer will make a noticeable difference in your defense.

A Plea Deal Could Be Possible

The reality is that about 90 percent of criminal cases today are settled in pre-trial negotiations before court proceedings even start. You need to hire a defense attorney before court to attempt to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor. A good plea deal could allow you to avoid the harshest penalties or jail time.

Prosecutors Could Use Underhanded Tactics

Some prosecutors are overzealous when it comes to criminal cases. A prosecutor could attempt to use underhanded tactics to trick you into admitting guilt or intimidate you into accepting a bad plea deal. You want to have a lawyer at your side to defend against these strategies. Your defense attorney will protect your rights at all times before and during court.

Avoid Paperwork Errors

You will have to fill out and file a large amount of paperwork when defending yourself against criminal charges. Small mistakes or omissions could hurt your defense over time. Missing deadlines can rob you of defense options. You want to have a lawyer representing you in order to avoid paperwork errors. Your attorney will make certain that everything is filed correctly and on time.

Potentially Reduce Penalties

One of the jobs of the over 778,000 attorneys in the country today is to fight for the lowest penalties possible for defendants. Your lawyer might be able to use mitigating circumstances, witnesses and other strategies to have your sentence reduce or even suspended in certain cases. This could keep you out of jail or lower fines significantly.