7 Holiday Gift Ideas Perfect for Any Veteran

Posted By on December 25, 2015

Gift-giving at the holidays should be a joyous time for both the giver and the receiver. So, why does it sometimes seem like a chore to find a perfect, useful and thoughtful gift for the veteran in your life? In an effort to honor our nation’s beloved veterans, below is a list of practical, veteran-friendly gifts sure to show anyone who’s served our nation in this way that their service was and is appreciated.

1. U.S. Coin gifts
The New York Times store has some wonderful U. S. coin gifts, perfect for the veteran invested in our nation’s great history. From a gold-layered or silverstone Kennedy half dollar money clip to Morgan silver dollars (a currency in the wild west era) or 1943 Lincoln steel penny cufflinks, coin gifts are both collectible and appropriate.

2. Book highlighting the veteran’s branch of service
Each branch of the U.S. military has its own beautiful, hardcover book chronicling the history of that branch. Readers enjoy hundreds of pages of historical content, full-color unseen photos and more.

3. Donations to a cause in the veteran’s honor
If it will be meaningful, donate to a cause close to your veteran’s heart in his or her name. Since fighting for peace was probably a part of your veteran’s service, consider donating to refugee services (International Rescue Committee) or veteran’s services (Wounded Warrior, Fisher House Foundation).

4. Campaign medal ring
Etsy is a great platform utilized by many veterans and active duty military to sell handmade items. Some great, personalized campaign medal rings are handcrafted and personalized with dates and sizes. sturdy and handsome enough to be worn every day, these rings are sure to provide a valuable reminder of your veteran’s time of service.

5. Custom cornhole set
Who doesn’t like to play a good game of cornhole? Fun for the entire family, cornhole is ha fun, outdoor game great for all ability levels (and even disabled veterans). Look for a seller that offers customization for your veteran’s name, preferred color and branch of service.

6. Hellfire Hero legacy crate
Hiring former vets to create a unique keepsake gift for your veteran is a great way to continue to support veterans while giving a great gift. The Grenade Box is a veteran-owned online store offering unique items for veterans. Handcrafted from an actual missile warhead crate, the Hellfire Hero legacy crate can be engraved and sized to your specifications. It also serves double-duty a distinguished spot to hold the military memorabilia from your loved one’s time of service.

7. Upcycled military gear
What’s more trendy than upcycling these days? Numerous online shops (again, Etsy is a treasure trove) take military gear and create unique gifts. Did you know that a uniform shirt can become a great backpack, bag or purse, woolen military blankets can be turned into Christmas stockings or pillows and bullets can be turned into necklaces?

So many options exist for supporting, honoring and recognizing our nation’s veterans at this season of holiday giving. You can do your part to give a meaningful veteran gift with a few of these one-of-a-kind ideas.