6 Essential Office Items Every Business Needs

Posted By on December 16, 2015

One of the keys to a successful business is having an efficient office. If your office runs smoothly, you will be able to finish projects on time and provide superior service to your customers. If it doesn’t, your entire operation could suffer. One of the things you need for a productive office is the correct tools to provide to your employees. Below are six essential office items.

1. Teleconferencing Equipment

According to Forbes, one in five employees now telecommute from home. If you want to give your office and non-office employees the ability collaborate effectively, they need to be able to teleconference. Thanks to the introduction of webcams, teleconferencing equipment is now cheaper than ever. Certain teleconferencing software like Skype is even free to download and install.

2. Printers

While digital documents have began making a dent on the amount of paper offices use, a lot of things still need to be printed on a daily basis. Make sure your employees have access to printers that are designed specifically for the large volume of printing that most offices require. You also have the choice between color inkjet printers and black and white laser printers. If color isn’t important to your office documents, a high volume laser printer that uses toner may be the best option.

3. Fax Machine

According to NBC News, hundreds of thousands of fax machines are still sold each year. While the technology may seem obsolete, many of your business partners will probably still want to send important documents to you via fax.

4. Copy Machine

Being able to quickly make copies is something else integral to a productive office. Today, you can certainly choose from plenty of copy machine-printer hybrids for your office. Still, if you do need to print a lot of copies, it may be best to invest in a standalone machine separate from the rest of your office’s printers. If you need to make copies rarely, a regular scanner-printer may be the best option.

5. Shredders

Pat of the responsibility of an office worker is to protect information. This includes the company’s intellectual property, the personal information of employees and the private information customers entrust to the business. In certain cases, paper documents will need to be destroyed to protect this information. Certainly make sure your office employees have access to shredders when they need them.

6. Office Software

Office workers also need access to quality office software to complete their work. This includes word processing, spreadsheet, slide show software and more. Traditionally, Microsoft’s Office suite has been the most popular choice. However, today, there are many competing software packages that are nearly as good from Apple, Apache, Kingsoft and more. There are also freeware open source options for office software that will cost you nothing to install. Certain apps also advertise themselves as being able to replace office software. However, you should be aware that it’s hard to be as productive with a swipe screen as with an old fashioned keyboard.