5 Steps to Take After Receiving Your CDL License

Posted By on March 14, 2018

Way to go! You’ve received your CDL and you are now officially a truck driver! You may be wondering what you need to do next. You’ve completed the training and passed the test. You are almost there! Now you’ll want to take steps to secure a job. These 5 steps will help give you direction on what to do and how to go about doing it.

#1 Create A Resume
A resume may not necessarily be a requirement when trying to obtain a trucking job, but when you walk into the interview with a resume it will give you a jump on the competition. Having a resume not only helps you look prepared, but it also shows you are efficient. Two very important skills when it comes to you being considered as a reliable employee. You can find free templates and step by step instructions on how to build a professional resume .

#2 Begin Looking For A Carrier
Make a list of carriers and list the pros and cons of each one. Just like they will be reviewing your qualifications, you will want to review theirs as well. List things that are important to you and determine if the carrier offers that. Whether you want tuition reimbursement, insurance, retirement, sign-on bonus, paid training, paid sick days, etc. How is their overall safety record? A company with a long history of accident free hauls will also be a good candidate to consider. Keep in mind that as the industry continues to grow, the FMSCA continues to work on policies that ensure safety for CDL drivers on the roads.

#3 Fill Out Applications
Now you are prepared to go fill out applications. You can walk into the office with confidence, knowing you are prepared with your resume in hand and your requirements laid out for you to compare to what that company offers.

#4 Select A Carrier
Congratulations! You’ve filled out applications, now you are getting phone calls from employers. Determine which carrier you would like to pursue a career with. Accept the offer that best suits your needs. One thing for sure, truck drivers have the second fastest growing salaries. So rest assured you’ve made a great career choice as a CDL driver.

#5 Complete Company Training
Your carrier will probably want to train you on advanced training techniques. This training is usually given by an experienced trainer. They will want to make sure you are comfortable with driving situations. Once you’ve completed the company training, you’ll be set to start driving! Enjoy your new career as a CDL driver!