5 Rules of Challenge Coin Collecting For Beginners

Posted By on November 14, 2017

Maybe your grandfather passed you down a box of military paraphernalia. Perhaps you stubbled upon an interesting looking coin at a yard sale or pawn shop. Maybe you have personally been the recipient of a challenge coin. Regardless of what piqued your interest, you’ve decided to collect challenge coins. But where should you start? Here are 5 rules of challenge coin collecting for beginners:

1. Learn the basic history

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people go into collecting without understanding the history of the items they want to acquire. When it comes to challenge coin collecting, having a working knowledge of challenge coins is important, especially when counterfeit replicas are known to be an issue. You can start learning about challenge coins from wikipedia and work your way up to deeper knowledge. Pro tip: the reference links at the end of the article will bring you to in-depth information.

2. Connect with others who share your passion

By making friends with others in the challenge coin collecting sphere, you’ll learn about different events like trade shows that may help you grow your collection. You’ll also find that your common interest leads to a more enjoyable collecting experience.

3. Choose the best display option for your long-term collecting plans

A lot of new collectors make the mistake of purchasing display materials for a small amount of coins. But if you know you’re passionate about acquiring more challenge coins, choose display options that have room to grow. For example, if you own five challenge coins but plan to purchase a few more in the next few months, choose a display option that has room for 10 or more coins. This way, you be able to display your new finds immediately rather than searching for a new display case.

4. Set up a dedicated collecting space

If you don’t have a desk or a room to dedicate to coin collecting, an airtight box will work just fine. The important thing is keeping your challenge coin stuff, like cleaning solutions, cloths, and maintenance materials, in one place. By staying organized, you’ll be able to enjoy the process of collecting and caring for your coins, without having to worry about where you last placed your maintenance items.

5. Get your collection insured

You’re working hard to build a collection, and it’s important to protect it. Insuring your challenge coin collection is pretty easy. All you need to do is have an inventory of your collection and, in many cases, an appraisal value of each piece. Then, you add your collection to your home or renter’s insurance.

Challenge coin collecting can be intimidated, but everyone starts somewhere. Start learning and before you know it, you’ll be an expert in challenge coins. Happy collecting!