5 Jobs that should only be Completed by a Qualified Electrician

Posted By on September 26, 2015

Electricians Needed!

Sometimes electrical work requires the skills of a certified electrician. While practically anyone can change a light bulb without harm, certain tasks involving powerful electricity potentially carry, well, shocking consequences. Here’s a summary of five jobs that absolutely demand a certified electrician:

Number One: Any Position Working With Active High Voltage Lines

The high voltage lines associated with electrical substations, power plants and generators carry the potential to deliver lethal electrical shocks. Working on a regular basis around these strong currents requires skill and training. Only a certified electrician should attempt to install or modify a high voltage line.

Number Two: Wiring an Electric Burglar Alarm

Installing the wiring for an electrified alarm system typically requires the skills of a certified electrician. For example, when the famous French painter Pablo Picasso sought to protect his residential art work, he hired an electrician to complete the work. The potential for amateurs to make mistakes could cause both accidents and the loss of valuable property.

Number Three: Wiring New Construction

In the United States, most building codes require the services of a certified electrician to install the wiring for new residential developments. With slightly over half a million electricians on the job in the United States, high demand for workers still exists in this field. Electricians receive above-average pay, but also run a risk of suffering injuries through their occupation. An average of 62 die every year as a result of work site accidents in the USA alone.

Number Four: Installing a Home Charging System For Electric Vehicles

As hybrid and electric vehicles hit the road in greater numbers, an increasing number of households seek the convenience of a home charging system for these automobiles. Installing one of these devices does not fall within the scope of DIY activities. Only a trained, certified electrician should undertake this work due to the significant voltages involved. A wiring mistake during the set up process could lead to devastating consequences.

Number Five: Wiring a Mine or Other Industrial Plant

Today, many industrial plants and mining operations use high voltages to power automated equipment and machinery. These sites to hire certified electricians to perform a variety of tasks. Assignments may range from  wiring a new office to troubleshooting an  electrical problem with a machine. Surprisingly perhaps, the source of the greatest number of injuries to electricians occurs not from electrical mishaps, but from falls. While working at heights, they require extra safety precautions.


Certified electricians perform challenging, vital work. This in-demand field will remain important in the United States and elsewhere for many years into the future. By bringing power safely to households and businesses, skilled electricians enjoy lucrative financial prospects.