5 Indications That Your Building Needs Repairs

Posted By on December 6, 2015

A building, whether residential or commercial, wears out in time and eventually it will need some basic repairs and updating. However, there are certain indications that will make it necessary to undertake the repairs as soon as they appear. Below are some of the signs that account to the indication that your building needs repairs.

Excessive basement water leaks.

Basement leaks are associated with foundation cracks. It may also be due to damaged or punctured damp proof membrane or damp proof course that gives room for water to seep up through the foundation wall and also the floor. If the water leaks are perpetual, then this is a major indication that your foundation needs to be checked and repaired.
Bowing of concrete blocks.

Bowing of walls normally occurs to foundation walls constructed with concrete blocks. When the pressure outside the foundation wall, typically water pressure, exceeds the supporting pressure from the walls, the walls tend to bow. When this sign is noticed, immediate foundation repair should be undertaken to prevent the building from settling. This is done by stabilizing the walls by Anchorage and steel I-beams can be used to brace the wall thus preventing it from moving.

Cracks on the walls of the house.

When you see cracks in the exterior walls of your building, then something is up. It may be as a result of poor workmanship, or maybe a foundation defect and maybe a sign of settlement. It’s, therefore, important to call a professional to check the problem and do the repair before it progresses further. If the cracks are due to poor workmanship like straight joints, it should be repaired while avoiding the repeat of the same. However, if the cracks are due to foundation defects, the repair should be done immediately to prevent the harm and make the building safe again. One of the methods of enhancing and repairing this kind of failure is underpinning.
Worn out roofs.

Most homeowners know their roof is leaking when they spot leaks in the ceiling. However, the cause of the leaks might be due to numerous roofing problems. No matter the reason, it is an indication that your roof needs repair sooner, especially if rainy season is approaching. During summer or dry season, homeowners tend to notice daylight through the roof boards. If any of these signs is spotted, then immediate repair to the roof is needed.

Sticking of doors and window.

It is one of the most common signs to that appears due to shifting of the foundation. This is an indication that the foundation has shifted downwards. It is also normally accompanied by defects such as cracks on the wall, door frames and window sills. Therefore, no matter the age of your building, if you happen to notice this defect, then it is a sign that you need to repair your building.