5 Decorative Designs of Architectural Glass

Posted By on September 26, 2015

Glass that is used as a building material is called architectural glass. There are varied and beautiful choices in architectural glass and the most exquisite examples are considered by many to be of artistic quality. Mosaic glass and stained glass windows are examples of the type of art glass that has been around for centuries. Today’s modern techniques have also created textured glass and building materials like glass bricks.


Mosaic Glass


Small squares of mosaic glass are often used on walls, backsplash areas, showers and even on floors. Designers sometimes alternate colors to make a patterned design. Mosaic squares of the same color, but in varying shades, can create a gorgeous tableau. Mosaic art that portrays pictures is also used in architecture, for example, creating beautiful entry floors and statement windows.


Stained Glass


Top quality stained glass uses different colors of glass to make a picture or design. The pieces are connected like a mosaic, with a lead framework. Stained glass can also be created by painting panels of glass different colors. In the Middle Ages, churches used stained glass windows not only as a way to edify places of worship, but also to remind the populace of Biblical stories.


Glass Bricks


A more modern take on architectural glass is the glass brick. Bricks of glass allow plenty of sunlight in but are translucent enough to provide a privacy screen. They can be all one size or a variety of sizes and are sometimes used in different colors by home designers.


Glass bricks originated about a hundred years ago, as an industrial building material, and they were actually referred to as “concrete glass” at first. Starting in the sixties, they crossed over to become an avant garde building material for modern homes.


Textured Glass


Another modern glass product is textured glass. One example is clear glass that is molded to look as if it is actually a wall of dripping water. Textiles are also sometimes imbedded into textured glass to give it depth and sparkle.


The exteriors of some buildings are made entirely of textured or tinted glass, or a combination of the two. Glass is considered a green building material because of the abundance of raw materials available for making it. Glass walls are also energy efficient to produce and the glass in them is recyclable.


Appliqué Glass Designs


Adding appliqués is an alternative to using stained glass or painting colors onto glass. Some artistic window designs have actual glass overlays bonded onto the clear glass below, creating a picture. Appliqués can also be created by covering parts of the glass with tinted film. This is a great do-it-yourself project for homeowners.