5 Amazing Ways to Protect Your Aura From Negative Energies

Posted By on October 23, 2015

Unless you never leave your house and are always cleansing, chances are you’re exposed to negative energy on a daily basis. If you happen to be an empathetic or intuitive person, you’ve probably already picked up on this and want to seek out ways to shield your aura. If you tend to be overwhelmed in crowds, or easily feel weighed down while around negative people, then you are more susceptible to absorbing energy around you. Here are 5 methods that will help you keep negative energy from affecting you.

1. Use Crystals
There are many affordable crystals that you can use to strengthen your aura against negative energy and deflect it. Some of these include smoky quartz, kunzite, obsidian, nuumite, black onyx and black tourmaline. These stones are both grounding and excellent at dispelling negative energy. Keep them on your body by either tucking them into pockets or wearing them as jewelry. It is also helpful to keep them near your bed at night.

2. Smudge your Aura
Smudging is a Native American practice using a bundle of white sage or other herbs to cleanse any negative energy from a space or person, and is great when you feel like negative energy is building around you or your environment. To begin, light your sage (or other herbs) on fire and then fan the smoke with (traditionally, a feather is used to fan) around your body and anyone else in your space. You can also do this in your home.

3. Get an Energy Healing
There are sensitive professionals who can sense and help heal and move negative energy from your aura. Often times they work with chakras in the body and will be able to tell you what part of your body/spirit is the most stagnant, and how to improve it.

4. Lifestyle Changes
If you feel like you’re absorbing so much negative energy either at work, or during your commute, or some other area that it’s starting to really affect your health, than you might want to look into making some permanent changes to protect your aura. Many people end up looking for new job or distancing themselves from certain people in order to help combat stresses from negative energy.

5. Use Candles
When using candles, color choice is very important because colors vibrate at different frequencies, and can be used for various purposes. White candles are used for purifying and cleansing as well as protection. Smoke from a white candle shows the clearing of negative energy.

Stagnant or negative energy can have detrimental effects on mental and physical well-being, and is even believed to turn into more series issues a lack of happiness, depression and illness. If feel bogged down, you may need your aura cleansed.