4 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Conserve Water

Posted By on January 24, 2018

All life depends on water, but humans are using more of it than ever before. Fortunately, there are plenty of water conservation techniques that allow people to stretch the water supply. The key to making sure that people do so is to turn water conservation into a habit at an early age, and there are a lot of easy ways to make sure children do that.

Xeriscape Together

People love thick, grassy lawns, but those lawns consume a lot of water. That isn’t a problem in rainy areas, but it is a major ecological concern in arid locations because people consume too much water when they water their grass. Xeriscaping is an alternative method that creates beautiful landscaping without relying on plants that waste water.

This method isn’t hugely popular because people aren’t used to seeing that type of landscape. You can make sure that your children are comfortable with xeriscaping by starting a xeriscaping project with them. They will appreciate the end result because they worked on it, and it will get them in the habit of conserving water in their future lawns and gardens.

Explain the Reason

Children are smarter than people think, and they tend to care about nature. You can do a lot of good by explaining why water conservation is important, and how each of your water-saving habits helps to fight against the problem. If you take the time to make them understand how everything works, they will normally adjust their behavior and quickly get in the habit of saving water.

Lead by Example

Your children will follow your lead. If you tell them about the importance of saving water, and share a list of techniques without using those techniques on your own, they will also ignore them. On the other hand, children naturally tend to imitate their parents and other people that they respect. Make sure that you take short showers, turn off the tap while it is not in use, and apply other basic conservation techniques. Since your children naturally learn how to do things by watching you, they will also pick up those habits and use less water.

They can also pick up these habits from their friends and teachers. You should keep that in mind and try to make sure that they can pick up good habits from everyone that they meet, and keep them away from bad examples.

Set Challenges

Children love games. You can turn conservation into a game by setting conservation goals and tracking how much water you save. Slowly increase the goals over time to force your household to find new waters to save water. If necessary, you can add in a little reward for meeting the goals, but most children will be enthusiastic enough without one.