4 Easy Tips for Moving in Winter

Posted By on February 2, 2018

Winter can affect 39 states in country at the same time, so those freezing temperatures and snow may have an impact when moving day arrives. To make certain the move happens on schedule and there are no surprises, here are some tips from professional movers around the country that should help if you’re moving during the winter.

Consider these 4 easy tips for moving in winter;

1. Keeping the Driveway and Sidewalk Clear
It will be dangerous enough hauling that heavy couch to the moving truck, the last thing anyone needs is to lose their footing on the icy sidewalk when moving in winter. It is important to shovel away all the snow from the front door right to the back of the moving truck, but you have to take things one step further.

Be sure to salt the surface so black ice does not form and cause someone to slip and then your belongings wind up getting damaged.

2. Have Blankets and Sheets by the Door
The precipitation in winter can fall in a moments notice. The last thing that you want to happen while moving that antique writing desk is for snow, rain, or ice, to begin pelting it while it is unprotected. Not only can water damage the fine wood surface, it instantly makes the item more slippery to hold and could result in it being dropped and destroyed. Having blankets and towels by the door will protect these items from the house to the moving truck.

It’s a good idea to have plenty of dry gloves on hand too to maintain your grip.

3. Babying the Electronics
Electronic devices do not like being in cold weather. Pack things like your computer, DVR, CD player, and printer, in double boxes with insulation. Rather than store them inside the back of a cold moving truck, leave room in your vehicle for these boxes.

Now they can be in an environment were the warmer temperatures can be easily maintained.

4. Protecting the Floors
When moving in the winter, people will be walking in the elements and in the house, back and forth a few dozen times each. Not only will the ice melt and water make a mess of your flooring, it can make certain areas especially slippery. The last thing you need is to be carrying your expensive and fragile crystal glassware and slip on a wet floor in the hallway.

Before moving in winter, place large pieces of cardboard on the floor as a pathway for anyone carrying something to the truck.

Always check the weather forecast of the destination of your belongings because it might not be snowing there today, but it could be a blizzard when you arrive with the moving truck.