High End Quality Steaks That are Worth Every Penny

Posted By on September 14, 2015

There is something very enjoyable about eating a good steak. Some people can’t get enough of the smell of a good steak while others love the taste. A steak is a piece of meat that is classified as a fast cooking cut of meat.

The reason why steaks cook quickly is because they don’t have as much connective tissues as the types of meats that require slow cooking. The greatest difference between a roast and steak is the time that each meat requires for cooking. Steaks cook much faster than roasts.

If you want some steak, you’ll have two major choices to choose from. The first choice is expensive, high-end steak, and the second choice is a cheaper cut. Some of the cheaper cuts are skirt, flank and sirloin. Flatiron and hanger steaks are other cuts frequently used by chefs.

However, these are all different types of steak. The best steaks come from the portion of meat that runs along a steer’s spine. The tenderness of a cut of meat is directly linked to the amount of work the muscle performs during the steer’s lifetime.

In others words, the muscles that aren’t used too much offer the greatest tenderness. Most of the best steaks come from the back strap or loin of the animal. These are also the most expensive options.

Top High End Steaks That Are Worth the Money

When it comes to high end steaks, one of the top choices is known as the strip. It’s frequently sold under names like Top Sirloin, Kansas City Strip and New York Strip.

It might also be referred to as Shell Steak, Contre-filet or Top Loin. This type of steak is cut from the Longissimus dorsi muscle. In terms of taste, it has a tight texture and definite grain.

Most people would say it’s moderately tender but does have some chew to it. The strip also has a strong beefy flavor and great marbling. Although it’s not as robust as the ribeye, it’s easy to cook and worth every penny.

The Ribeye

The next steak on the list is the ribeye. Commonly sold under names like Spencer Steak, Delmonico Steak, Market Steak and Beauty Steak, the ribeye is cut from the front portion of the Longissimus dorsi muscle.

The ribeye has a lot of marbling, and a large swatch of fat separating the Spinalis from the Longissiumus. It’s useful to know that most of the beefy flavor that steak eaters get to enjoy comes from the fat, and since the ribeye has a lot of fat, it’s also packed with a lot of flavor.

A ribeye usually has a finer grain than strip steak. The tenderloin and T-bone are two other high quality steaks, but the ribeye and strip are the most popular. You’ll find these cuts in many high end restaurants, and most steak eaters will agree that they’re worth every penny.