Do you suffer from back pain? If so, what are your options?

Posted By on September 20, 2015

If you have been feeling pain in your lower back, you may wonder if there are any methods you can use to alleviate it naturally. While medication is always an option to help with pain, if you would rather stay away from this route, there are a few natural remedies you can incorporate into your daily tasks to help dull pain overall. Here are some ways to help deal with back pain.

Use Temperature Control

If you had injured your back recently, you will want to start temperature healing with a cold compress, as this will help reduce any swelling in the area. Wrap a hand towel around an ice pack and place it directly on the affected area for up to twenty minutes. Remove and wait an hour or so before repeating. If you did not injure your back recently, or after you did the cold treatment for a few days, you will be able to use heat to help reduce pain. Place a heating pad in a hand towel and apply to the affected area. Again, keep it in place for twenty minute increments. If you have a hot tub available, this may help you reduce pain in your back as well.

Try Some Stretching

Doing a few simple stretches can help you reduce the pain in your back. Place your arms above your heat and reach as far upward as you can. Hold this stretch for a few seconds and release. Repeat several times. Another back stretch is simply lying down on the floor while extending your arms at your sides. Attempt to twist your torso toward one side for a few seconds. Release and twist in the other direction. In addition, try touching your toes a few times throughout the day to help stretch your lower back muscles.

See A Doctor

Sometimes seeing a chiropractor can be extremely beneficial in reducing the amount of pain you feel in your back.If you had injured yourself and the pain is not going away on its own, you will want to have tests done to make sure there are no torn muscles or ligaments you are dealing with. A chiropractor will order these tests to make sure there is no underlying problem before doing any adjustments to your back. If you are in the clear, the chiropractor will gently manipulate your spinal area to reduce some of the stress within your back. This can give you instant results, taking away pain as soon as the adjustment has been completed. You may need to see a chiropractor several times to keep pain from creeping back, but with routine visits, you will most likely be able to avoid using medication to take away pain.