Chlorine Bleach vs Non-Chlorine Bleach: What can I Wash?

Posted By on September 21, 2015

Bleach has been an important part of every collection of cleaning products. It has long been used for a variety of whitening, deodorizing and disinfecting tasks. However, another option is available that offers many of the same benefits, without the harsh, toxic effects of chlorine. Oxygen bleach can be safely on materials and in environments when chlorine might be a problem.

How Chlorine Bleach and Oxygen Bleach Work
Chlorine bleach is a form of dilute sodium hypochlorite, which releases oxygen to release stains, dirt and germs. Oxygen bleach contains sodium percarbonate, which become hydrogen peroxide when it combines with water. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching and disinfectant agent that is less harsh than chlorine.

For Laundry
Determining the right type of bleach you use for laundry cleaning and brightening is critical to avoid ruining clothes:

· Chlorine bleach does the best job of whitening whites, but it will also take the dye out of any colored clothing.

· Oxygen bleach is safe to use on all your colored clothing, will not stain and will not damage fibers.

· Both chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach can be used to deodorize and disinfect clothing.

Both chlorine and oxygen bleach provide effective cleaning and disinfecting action for bathroom surfaces. However, oxygen bleach does a better job of cleaning and whitening grout. Chlorine bleach can actually darken grout lines.

For Home Interior Surfaces

· Chlorine bleach is highly effective for killing germs on interior surfaces such as kitchen counters, baby furniture and toys. However, chlorine fumes are very strong and can be hazardous for young children and those with respiratory problems.

· Oxygen bleach also disinfects surfaces, but it has no toxic fumes.

On Outside Surfaces
Bleach is often recommended for removing mold that builds up on roofs, pavers and other exterior surfaces. However, you should keep these points in mind when using it outdoors:

· Chlorine is a very caustic compound that can cause deterioration of building materials.

· Chlorine is toxic to the environment and can kill your landscape plants.

· Oxygen bleach is highly effective in removing mold growth.

· Oxygen bleach is not as toxic to landscape plants and is less damaging to the environment.

Whether to use chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach depends on the type of material on which you are using it and the circumstances of use. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to choose the right bleach product for the right job.